Vision: At EnergyOne our vision is to provide enhanced energy solutions though experience transfer.

Mission: Our quest is to "dig deeper" by offering state of the art technical methods and know-how to explore, develop and produce oil and gas resources. By extracting the most out of available data combined with creative thinking to understand the geology and mechanisms of reservoirs, we provide the tools to take projects from exploration through to production.

Core Values: The individuals within the EnergyOne Team bring together experience from a wide variety of technical disciplines and international backgrounds to enhance our service offering, whilst our integrated approach has built a strong shared values:

Integrity - United as one team we want integrity at the very core of our business.

Result Oriented - EnergyOne believes in listening to our stakeholders, and delivering the best solutions.

Creative - EnergyOne considers creativity, new ideas and forward thinking valuable in order to develop further and to make use of new techniques.

Responsibility - EnergyOne believes in taking and acting responsibility in everything it does in order to meet common goals and solve challenges.

Ambitious - EnergyOne is ambitious. We are looking to grow and develop further with success.